Larson composite panel is a high-tech product for architectural fašade executions. It is formed by two sheets of aluminium alloy 5005 H22 bonded by a thermoplastic resin core (polyethylene). The advanced production process grants an extraordinary adherence, having doubled recommended parameters. It can be easily worked and transformed , drilled, curved, etc, without losing mechanical properties.

Larson composites stand out fot the external finish surface in PVdF coating in two or three layers (undre request), and the protection primer in the internal face (fundamental in ventilated fašades). Termolac finishes are also avalaible to obtain special colours for quantities from 500 sqm.

Larson cladding material improves acoustic and thermal insulation of buildings. Due to a fast and easy execution , Larson composites become an alternative to building restoration as weel as new constructions. Larson composites are ideal for ventilated and non ventilated fašades depending on the charateristics of the building and allow creative architectural designs.

A wide range of colours, completed by special finishes (Titanium, wood imitations, Copper and Zinc) as well as the possibility of cutting to length of quantitites from 400 sqm. and deliveries adapted to the needs of the market nowdays confer the highest customer service.

Alucoil offers also technical support to fašade installers and architects as well as a calculation programme for fašade designing.